Xbox 360

Xbox 360 250 GB Console

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            The Microsoft Xbox is once again the most complete experience a gaming console can have. As far as gaming consoles go, the Xbox 360 is the preeminent system to enjoy your games on.

Xbox 360
Plenty of Storage Space

Being one of the leaders in the gaming market, Xbox 360 offers a broad catalogue of games to choose from.. Xbox offers all of the blockbuster titles like the Call of Duty and Madden franchises. Most of the prominent gaming companies love to create new and exciting titles for the system. Most consoles release blockbuster titles but in order to get certain games like any of the shooting games in the Halo franchise, you must own the system. In addition, by adding the Kinect add-on, you become the controller allowing for the most immersive motion gaming e experience possible.

Popular for console gamers who enjoy playing their games online, Xbox live is constantly updated with new features that make the connection between gamers a more fulfilling experience. In addition to all the player interaction that Xbox live presents, there are many stand alone products that Xbox live can connect you to.  Xbox serves as a central hub that can quickly connect you to all of your favorite websites. Most of your favorite online service providers are represented as well. YouTube is well represented on Xbox live, as you can seamlessly play YouTube videos straight from your device to your TV allowing you to enjoy your favorite videos on a wider screen. In addition to YouTube, Netflix also allows you to use their service through Xbox live. Videos can be ordered, for delivery, or qued up for instant viewing. In addition to video services, Xbox live is equipped with an online store of its own. The Xbox Live store enables users to download free demos of games before they buy them. And with console game prices being upwards of $60.00, it is extremely helpful to try a game out before you make such a large financial commitment.

Unlike other gaming systems, like competitor’s Sony Playstation 3 or Nintendo’s Wii, Xbox live only allows its users the full online experience with a Gold membership. Other systems, although lacking in many features that the Xbox live service has, like Xbox Live Arcade, offer their online services for free. But for only $5.00 a month, the extra features included in Xbox Live’s Gold Membership are well worth the price.



  • Fully Featured Online System
  • Large Catalog of Titles
  • Exclusive Xbox Only Titles
  • Kinect Add on Adds Motion Gaming



  • Online Service Requires Monthly Fee
  • Some Games are Exclusive to Other Systems.
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