XBOX 360 Slim 250 GB

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Written by: David Whitehouse

Microsoft XBOX 360 250 GB Gaming Console

Still playing games on that outdated gaming console and looking to upgrade into an all in one gaming console?  Look no further than the xbox 360 Slim.  This all -in-one gaming console has 1080p HD (high definition) capability, MP3 compatible, and a built in DVD player.  This all-in-one gaming console has everything you need, plus some extras!


What makes the XBOX 360 Slim unique is that it comes with several features that seem almost computer-esque:

– built in DVD player
– MP3 compatible allows for music to be stored and played through the system
–  Netflix compatible allows for streaming videos through the internet
– removable hard drive for easy file transfer (up to 250GB of space)
– Bluetooth connectivity ready for wireless headsets and controllers

These unique features, combined with the High Definition capability of the graphics allow for this system to pump out 1080p crystal clear images that are state of the art.

Noise and Heat

With the new XBOX 360 Slim there are no longer the heating and noise issues as there were with the old XBOX 360 had.  With its sleek jet black shell, instead of using 2 smaller fans at the back of the unit, there is now a single much larger fan on the side of the unit, allowing for optimum cooling efficiency.  Along with this change in the cooling system, the developers at Microsoft have managed to configure the system in such a way that it runs a lot quieter than the generation before it.  Though there is an occasional buzz from the disk drive when in excessive use, the unit in normal function is barely as loud as a whisper.


Thought at first glance you may not notice, the new XBOX 360 Slim is smaller than its previous generation XBOX 360.  Now don’t let the name “Slim” fool you, it is far from small: I mean, it’s no MacBook Air, bit it is thinner and shorter than the normal XBOX 360.  Three and a half centimeters shorter and half a centimeter slimmer than its older brother, it is more compact (due partly to the new design of the hard-drive not sitting on top the system).

– Integrated wireless
– MP3 & MP4 compatible
– High Definition 1080p ready
– Graphics stunning
–  Wireless controllers standard

– Cost
– Internal Hard Drive harder to transport between devices
– Feels cheaper than older model XBOX 360

Final Thoughts

With this being said, if you are not up to date on your gaming console and still playing on a Nintendo 64 or Sega Dreamcast, this is the all-in-one gaming console of your dreams; with integrated bluetooth, wireless internet connectivity, HD ready, and built in DVD player, this system is a super-computing console that can take care of all of your gaming needs and more.

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