A Cool Place to Heat Up: Hot Yoga Inc. Review

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Hot Yoga Inc. BellevueWritten by: Krystal Esquillo

With so many yoga studios open in Seattle lately, it can be hard to decide which one you should invest your time and money in. Hot Yoga Inc. is a well-established, well-loved studio and each of its seven locations makes an excellent environment for breaking a sweat.

Many hot yoga studios don’t offer much variety in the workouts. You’ll probably have to sweat through 90 minutes of repeating the same postures in a strictly-heated room before you can run outside and evaporate. Hot Yoga Inc. mixes things up a bit. In addition to typical Hatha and Power classes, you can tone your body at a Sculpt class or relieve muscle tightness with Yin yoga.

The studios themselves are very clean and spacious. You won’t find smelly, bacteria-breeding carpet here. Infrared heaters penetrate deep into the skin, warming muscles and facilitating deep stretching. I also love that they have so many studios around the area. Whether I’m leaving my apartment, my parents’ house, or work, I can get to class within 10 minutes. That’s a big plus for me because the longer it takes me to get there, the more appealing my couch looks.

Hot Yoga Inc. has clean, spacious studios.
Hot Yoga Inc. has clean, spacious studios.

There’s also a variety in the music that Hot Yoga Inc. plays. When the studio is silent (as it is in most other yoga places), all you hear is inhaling and exhaling and the occasional grunt from the guy who’s trying too hard. No thanks. Everything is better with music, and this place has a great selection. The best workout soundtracks are in the power classes; they play everything from Black Eyed Peas to Metric. I’ve even e-mailed them suggesting some music, and they listened.

Instructors are very friendly, experienced and helpful. They all do a great job of pushing you to work harder, but they still understand that you know your body best and sometimes you need a little break. If you’re interested in becoming a certified yoga teacher, they even offer teacher training classes year-round.

Price can be an issue, but yoga classes in general tend to require expensive monthly payments. 1 month of unlimited classes is $135. It’s definitely a great deal if you go several times a week, but you might not always have time to. However, Hot Yoga Inc. does offer an awesome special: 10 classes for $10 for first-time visitors. This is a great way to test out the studio and classes and see if you want to make it your go-to yoga studio.

I know that a lot of yoga studios offer specials for new students, and it might be worth it for you to shop around and try all the specials in the area–I’ve done it myself. But eventually, you’ll want to work out in a place that feels familiar. You’ll need a place that you’re comfortable in and excited to go to. When the time comes when you’re ready to get settled into a spot, do it at Hot Yoga Inc. Make an investment in a place where you’ll love the people, the atmosphere, and the way you feel afterward.

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