Bodybuilding: Sagi Kalev of is serious in Body Beast

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Written by: Rodney Coe

Body Beast’s Sagi Kalev

Want tons of muscle? Would you like to look like a hunk with your shirt off? If you want an intense bodybuilding workout, then buy Body Beast. Body Beast is one of many workouts from the popular series at has become the savant of serious exercise videos like P90X, Insanity, Turbo Jam, TurboFire, Slim in 6, Brazil Butt Lift, and Body Beast.

Sagi KalevBody Beast features Sagi Kalev. He is the beast. Literally. Sagi Kalev has put together twelve weight training workouts that will not only build muscle and strength, but will also take your bodybuilding pursuits to the next level. Sagi Kalev is the former two-time “Mr. Israel,” fitness model, bodybuilding title-holder, and nutritionist. All of those talents come through in Body Beast.

Body Beast weight training workouts in two categories: Huge Beast and Lean Beast. Depending on your specific taste, you follow three blocks: build, bulk and beast. You follow the build cycle for three weeks, bulk for six weeks, and beast for three weeks.

The workouts are intense. They target all body parts and have an awesome cardio routine. You won’t get bored. Body Beast delivers what it promises by dynamic set training. That is super set, giant set, multi set, force set, drop set, and progressive set training. In the first workout, Build: Chest/Tris, you will know’s Body Beast is serious weight training.

Understand Body Beast is not intended for the novice. If you want to lift, then rest for 5 minutes, don’t buy this. Sagi Kalev designed a high intensity pumping iron program. This is old school sweat, blood and tears.

Beachbody and Sagi Kalev built Body Beast for the pack on muscle guy. Hard-nosed, I miss the free weights man who loves steel in the palm of his hands. Push-ups are plentiful, and dumbbells are required. You also need a pull-up bar, weight bench, or stability ball. You can use resistance bands instead of a pull-up bar. Sagi has one man in the video do this, and shows how you can do all the workouts on the stability ball.

The program manual comes with the workouts, Food portion lists, Body Beast recipes, calculating calories, and a how-to on Beast-O-Matic Mass Gainer Shakes. It offers a Body Beast Eating Plan on a budget, breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus. Sagi Kalev has even thrown in how to prepare for a bodybuilding competition and photo shoot.

Body Beast may not be for everyone:
Adds muscle
Costs around $100
Hour workouts
Need room/garage space to exercise

May just want to look lean
On a tight budget
May not have the time
Requires dumbbells/some equipment
No space

Body Beast will build muscle. The video series will give you high intensity, bodybuilding training at the fraction of a membership cost at the gym. You will not have to leave the house, or wait on equipment to be open. No posers (except you) when you see how big you get. Sagi Kalev pushes you and challenges you to succeed. This workout program will back up what it promises if you are serious about getting big.

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Bodybuilding: Sagi Kalev of is serious in Body Beast , 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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