Brita Slim Water Pitcher 42629

Brita Slim 5 Cup Water Pitcher 42629

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Written By: John Parker

I’ve recently moved to a city where the tap water makes me gag. Bathing in the stuff is bad enough, but I refuse to put chlorine, lead, copper or who knows what else directly into my body. Instead, I’ve bought a Brita 42629 Slim 5 Cup Water Pitcher that allows me to drink healthy, tasty water from a container that doesn’t take up too much room in my refrigerator.

Brita Slim Water Pitcher 42629
Brita Slim Pitcher

I bought the Brita Slim Pitcher because it seemed like an easy way to improve my health and support the environment. It’s small (mine fits neatly on the door of my fridge) but holds 40 ounces of water (almost a full day’s hydration). The sizable capacity is especially useful if you have roommates or children who seem incapable of refilling the pitcher (which I do).

More impressively, the Brita Slim Pitcher makes my water taste great. The Ion Exchange Resin Filter acts as a magnet for the various impurities that might be in my water (including lead, copper and mercury) and reduces the taste and smell of chlorine. The end result is that I drink more water and feel healthier. I’m not one of those people who just love drinking water; it’s a daily chore for me. But the Brita Slim Pitcher makes the task infinitely more doable (that is, at least now I don’t hate the taste).

Plus, when I’m drinking from my Slim Pitcher I’m not buying expensive and wasteful bottled water (one Brita filter = around 300 water bottles). I’m certainly far from perfect, but I’m trying to reduce my carbon footprint and live in a more environmentally sound way and my Slim Pitcher is part of that goal. I was also really pleased to find out that even the filters (which must be changed every few months) are recyclable. The process is a bit of a pain (Brita is working with a specific company called Preserve that doesn’t have locations everywhere), but I appreciate the attempt.


  • Compact
  • Encourages daily hydration
  • Filters out impurities
  • Environmentally friendly


  • Only holds 5 cups of water
  • Filter must be changed every 2 months

Of course, there are other Brita options available if you want more water: pitchers that hold up to ten glasses, massive dispensers for your refrigerator shelf or counter, bottles with little filters built right in and faucet filtration, which is actually the easiest and most compact method. But for the price (around $15), I’m completely satisfied with my little Brita Slim 5 Cup Pitcher. Now if I could just start working out, I’d really be healthy.

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