CatGenie 120 Self-Washing Litter Box

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Written By: Ben Miller

If you own a cat then you understand how nasty cat waste can be, especially for indoor breeds. The stink of a litter box is sometimes as horrible as having an open sewage main in your living room. If it’s really as bad as all that and you need a proven solution for both owner and pet, then you should consider the CatGenie Self-Washing and Self-Flushing Cat Box.

The CatGenie 120
The CatGenie features a self-cleaning system that even your cat can turn on!


  • Automatic flushing for liquid waste and automatic scooping for solid
  • Biodegradable and recyclable SaniSolution cartridges, eliminating odors within seconds of use
  • Litter-like Washable Granules for cat to dig through
  • Auto washing cycle clears the bed of waste and rinses Granules clean
  • Numerous attachments are available

The CatGenie 120 is the newest model of the self-sanitizing litter box. Approved by veterinarians nationwide for using environmentally friendly products, the CatGenie hooks up to a water outlet near your sink or toilet, allowing for clean disposal. When the wash cycle initiates, your cat’s liquid waste drains into a sanitation solution while solid waste is scooped out and converted to liquid particle which are flushed away into your septic tank. Fresh water then rinses out the granules and hot air blows over them to dry out the bed.  The washable granules never need replacing and most CatGenie models come with a 2 year warranty.

Cat lounging in CatGenie
Some cat may take to the CatGenie quicker than others.


  • No need to ever touch, smell, buy or dispose of  cat litter again
  • Environmentally friendly with biodegradable and recyclable components
  • Can train your cat to start the wash cycle on own or set it on a timer
  • Each SaniSolution cartridge lasts for at least 120 washes


  • High base price
  • Faucet and drainage system may be complicated upon installation
  • Some droppings may be missed in clean cycle, making for foul odor during drying
  • The cleaning cycle is loud and can last up to 40 minutes
black cat squatting over toilet
Really though, it may just be easier to just train your cat to do this.

The CatGenie is a great solution to constant smelly litter boxes, but it’s not a cheap one. The CatGenie 120 sells for about $270 no matter where you get it from. Some smaller cat droppings have been known to slip through the arm catch, causing a rancid odor as the litter ‘bakes’ in the systems drying cycle. The CatGenie may not be an ideal tool for multi-pet houses as long cleaning cycles, sometimes 25-40 minutes, will keep your cats urgently waiting after every use. Sometimes the system may clog from overuse and require extensive cleaning, which means getting up close and personal with your cat’s waste, defeating the point of this high tech system. Overall this product is a risk for cat owners as it sometimes works perfectly and other times fails miserably. But if you love your cat, abhor litter, and can wager a few bucks on a high tech toilet, then the CatGenie 120 might be what your looking for.

MDL#: 891329001003





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