32oz Bottle of Dander-Free Spray

Earth’s Balance 55936 Dander Free Spray for Cats

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32oz Bottle of Dander-Free Spray
This 32oz bottle of spray will last years.

Written by: Stacy McCullough

I have cat allergies, but I love cats. Luckily my reactions aren’t that bad: a little sneezing, congestion and terribly itchy eyes. So I did my research and when I adopted Roscoe, bought an air purifier and Earth’s Balance 55936 Dander Free Spray for Cats.  That helps my allergies relax a little bit.

Most people with cat allergies react to the cat protein. This is found in their skin and in their saliva. When the cat sheds or licks himself, the protein is spread around. Earth’s Balance Dander Free works by cleaning and removing the dander that is full of those proteins. Because I also take a daily antihistamine, my cat allergies are not as bad as they could me. Many people will tell you to use this spray daily, but I can get away using it once a week. The ingredients are natural and contain no chemicals so I can feel safe using it around kids and my furniture.  The company also makes a spray for dogs!

Earth’s Balance Dander Free Spray comes in a spray bottle; I usually buy the thirty-two ounce bottle for around $25 plus shipping costs. The first bottle I got lasted for two years with a weekly spraying. That isn’t a bad investment. It is easier to apply the spray with two people, one spraying and one holding. After about five squirts, I pet my cat to ensure that all his hair is damp, calm him down and then let him on his way.  This all takes less than a minute. While I don’t know the science behind the Earth’s Balance 55936, I know that if I miss a week my allergies are miserable. I want to scratch out my eyes and I can breath only through my mouth. As soon as I spray Roscoe, I begin to feel immediately better.


  • Lessens allergies
  • Inexpensive
  • Relatively easy to apply
  • Helps your house smell less like cat


  • Not in my stores
  • Cat hates being sprayed
  • Floors get sprayed a lot, too

If you already have a cat or want to get one and have minor cat allergies, Earth’s Balance 55936 Dander Free Cat Spray can really help.  With virtually no smell, once your cat dries there will be little evidence of it. There are plenty of comparable brands such as Allerpet C and Allersearch ADS Allergy Spray, but Earth’s Balance is the only brand I have had results with. If you don’t want the hassle of spraying your cat each week, this product isn’t for you. But if you want to keep your best feline friend around, its cost is well worth a try.

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    Where can I buy this?

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