L’oreal Youth Code Serum

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L’oreal Youth Code Regenerating Skincare Serum Intense Daily Treatment, 1-Fl Oz
Written by Isabel Sin
It is not easy to find a face serum that works on my oily skin. To begin with, I wasn’t too sure why we women need facial serum. Face serum, similar to moisturizer, are designed to help fight fatigue, wrinkles, aging lines and dark spots. They are also designed to help brighten the skin and prevent acne. The difference between face serum and moisturizer is that face serum could penetrate deeper into the skin as compared to moisturizer due to the smaller molecules in the product.
One of the facial serum that I begin to love is L’oreal Youth Code Serum. This serum help fights signs of aging, stress and also fatigue (which is what most of us women face in the late 20s and early 30s). This product absorbs really fast into your skin and after using for a few days, my face looks better. The antioxidants present in the product makes the skin looks luminous and also makes the skin feel hydrated. I know a lot of people always complain that their skin is dry and not hydrated. But when skin is too oily, people would have a lot of acne. With L’oreal Youth Code, this product is just right where it is not too oily on your skin neither does it dry up the sin.

Face serum is not that hard to use. L’oreal Youth Code Serum is just an additional step to do after cleansing and toning. After applying the face serum, you could apply your moisturizer on the face. What I normally do is cleanse, tone, serum, moisturizer and lastly make up. Before you put on any foundation, you need to prep/prime your face (I shall not go into any further about make up cause that’s not what this is all about). But those are the few basic steps I would take.
Would I recommend this product to anyone? Of course! As many girls as I could. I bought the entire L’oreal Youth Code facial range to use on my face because I really wanted to see if it does make a huge difference on my face if I used the same product line or if I use a mixture of products. A lot of people would tell me that it doesn’t really matter but I remember that the last time I used products of different categories of different brands on my face, I ended up getting more blemishes, skin looking dull and dry, and acne were growing on my face like wild flowers.

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