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Written by: Margaret Burns

For most people, quitting smoking is not something that can be done without help.  NicoDerm CQ Clear Nicotine Patches are a safe and useful aid to help anyone who is ready quit cigarettes for good.

One of the best things you can do for your health is to quit smoking.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the hardest.  For some, it can be almost impossible without help.  There are several products available that help with quitting, including patches and gum to help control cravings, and prescription medication to help control the urge and behaviors associated with smoking.  When I made the decision to quit smoking, I first considered the prescription pills, but worried about the dangerous side effects.  Then I decided to try the gum.  While it was effective for a short time, it was not enough to help me quit permanently.  Additionally, the gum had some unpleasant side effects of its own:  it tasted too bad to chew on a regular basis, and even sometimes caused severe nausea.  Finally, I decided to try the NicoDerm CQ patches.  I chose to begin, as recommended, on a day when I would not be able to smoke anyway.  Only a few moments after applying the patch, the skin underneath began to itch very badly.  It was uncomfortable, but passed after about an hour.

Even on that first day, I noticed an immediate change in my cigarette cravings.  In fact, I did not physically crave a cigarette at all, even at times I normally would smoke, like after dinner and right before bed.  I also did not feel the normal withdrawal symptoms, like irritability, anger, or frustration.  Over the weeks, I found I thought about smoking less and less.  Even when around others who were smoking, I found I no longer had the desire to smoke.  I did, however, experience minor side effects.  For example, if I put the patch on with an empty stomach, or especially when mixed with caffeine, I would feel nauseous and shaky.  NicoDerm is also expensive, ranging between $26.49 and $38.99 a box, depending on dosage and quantity.  However, the benefits of not smoking far outweigh the price and side effects.  In fact, NicoDerm eventually works out to be less than the cost of smoking, because, although each package averages the cost of a pack-a-day smoking habit, NicoDerm CQ patches are a temporary expense.


  • Reduces or eliminates nicotine cravings
  • Minimizes withdrawal symptoms


  • May cause nausea
  • Patch can itch when first applied


If you are a smoker, but are ready to quit, the NicoDerm CQ Clear Patch nicotine patch could very well prove to be worth every penny.

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