Perfect Fitness’ Perfect Pushup: A Different Kind of Workout

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Written by: Alan Wigley

Get toned and fit with the Perfect Pushup.

Tired of boring, everyday push-ups in the morning that strain your wrist and hardly offer any results? As the old fitness saying goes — “doing one repetition correctly is better for you than doing ten wrong,” well, in the Navy Seal designed Perfect Pushup’s PP6105 case, this old piece of exercising scripture is still very true.

Specifically developed using the latest in biomechanics and engineering,Perfect Fitness’ Perfect Pushup is intended to allow more of your upper torso muscles to actually engage in the repetition of a simple pushup. You’ll be working more muscles in your arms, chest, back and shoulders with better alignment of the joints involved with the maneuver and without causing any strain on your wrists.

When I first saw received the Perfect Pushup as a gift, I wasn’t just concerned on a personal level, but also on a mechanical level. Firstly, I wasn’t exactly sure what the gift-giver was trying to say about me. Sure, it was nice to receive a present associated with my well-being, but maybe it wasn’t as light-hearted as that. Maybe it was more of a — “I can’t help but notice how outta shape you look, so here’s a freebie from me.” Regardless, I took it with a grain of salt and then analyzed the two black, plastic, cheap-looking rotating handles, and how rinky-dink they felt and appeared. Would a couple of cheap and feather-weight pieces of plastic really make that much of a difference?

Yes! They totally have!

I’ve noticed a very positive change in the front half of my body, upper arms, and shoulders. No, the Perfect Pushup isn’t going to turn you into a post-spinach Popeye, if you catch my drift, but they can definitely tone you up and make you feel great. The rush of adrenaline and pumping of blood you feel ten reps in (for me, personally), is a terrifically warm feeling. Doing a little workout in the morning on the handles will definitely get you “pumped up” for the day.

No, you won't look like Popeye...but you can still tone-up.

The rotating handles take miles of strain off your wrist, as the movement you partake in forces you to use more of your upper body, hence allowing your hands to glide freely. The handles also put you a few extra inches off the ground than you would be with a normal pushup, so once again, it forces to go deeper in movement, creating a higher range of motion, ultimately being more effective for you.

I suppose the only downside is that if you consider yourself a bit of a “purist,” if you will, these may not be for you. It will take a few tries to get used to the different motion of the pushup, and you might find the new maneuver working against what is natural for you, which is understandable. But if you can get through that barrier, you’re in for a great little workout. Seriously, as I said above, just doing one of these repetitions will have so much impact on your body, as opposed to doing ten normal pushups incorrectly.

So, all in all, they weren’t such a bad gift after all. Even if I did pay for them, it would have been for the incredibly low price of $19.99. A steal deal, if there ever was one.

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