FlexCare+ Rechargeable sonic toothbrush

Philips Sonic care FlexCare+ Rechargeable sonic toothbrush

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Written by:Jean Hamilton.

FlexCare+ Rechargeable sonic toothbrush
Electric toothbrush

Do you hate brushing your teeth?Does your daily brushing routine bore you? Well, with the Phillips sonic care Flex care rechargeable sonic toothbrush it makes brushing your teeth fun and easy. It has five different cleaning modes depending on the teeth you have. It can adjust to your needs even if you have sensitive teeth. This electric tooth brush combines the sonic technology along with five brush modes to help improve your gums and give your brushing routine a new edge.

The philips sonic care toothbrush has a timer built in that lets you know when the 2 minutes of brushing your teeth is up. Also, it has a  interval timer that indicates when to switch brushing from each quad of the mouth. The sonic tooth brush has been proven to whiten teeth and it is safe and gentle on the gums. It can even massage your gums with the gum setting on the brush.

I purchased the Philips Sonic care FlexCare toothbrush after I went to the dentist for a checkup and he diagnosed me with gum disease. Before my visit, I would skip brushing my teeth because I didn’t like standing there scrubbing and was often too tired at night to do so. Because of my lack of brushing, my oral health has paid the price. I chose to purchase this tooth brush because I liked the idea it can massage my gums. It has made brushing my teeth simple and effective. Ever since, I purchased the Philips sonic care tooth brush I haven’t missed a day of brushing in 6 months.


  • UV brush head Sanitizer – Cleans brush which will result in better oral health
  • Improves gum health in 2 weeks
  • Five different modes for a better cleaning experience
  • Easy and gentle to use
  • Two minute timer to ensure you are brushing long enough


  • Tooth brush head can pop off easily
  • It can fall off during brushing
  • Brush heads can be hard to move

Many users of the Sonic care toothbrush mentioned that the head of the tooth brush is hard to take off and can come off during brushing. However, I have never experienced that problem. Some also have mentioned that the brush can break where the magnetic part is and if it breaks it can not be replaced. Many users of this product have rated it the best electric toothbrush compared the others on the market. The tooth brush sells for 189.99 and comes with 2 chargers and UV brush head Sanitizer. It is well worth the money and its easy to use for your busy lifestyle.


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