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Schick Quattro for Women
Written by Isabel Sin

Summer is here but are you always worried about your leg hair and bikini area? Introducing Schick Quattro for Women Trim Style. This is definitely a must-have in a girl’s bathroom to stay perfectly groomed.

I was looking for a razor as my previous one was really old. So I came across Schick Quattro for Women. This razor has four-blade and consists of a waterproof bikini trimmer. Whatever you need to do – shave or trim – all you need is just one tool to do it all. The package also comes with a hanger for you to stick it to the wall. The trimmer at the bottom is run by two AA batteries. The package does not come with the batteries thought so I had to run out to get them.

The one feature I really love is the 3 way of adjustment to the comb so you can trim according to your needs. All you have to do is to push the comb at the tail to see how short or long you want. Or you could also remove the comb for a neater trim. Like what I said, at the end of the day, it depends on how much you wanna trim. Also, with the sleek design, I don’t need to keep pushing the button for the trimmer to run continuously. Press it once to turn it on, and when you’re done, just press the button again.

So how do you actually care Quattro for Women TrimStyle razor? To clean the trimmer, all you need to do is completely remove the comb and rinse it under running tap water after every trim. And always remember to place the razor on the hanger provided. As for the blades, you can replace them with any of the Quattro for Women refill, Ultra Smooth or Sensitive. And these blades are all available in most pharmacies and supermarket.

Here’s the summary of the pros and cons:

– all in one waterproof shaver and trimmer that runs on batteries
– skin feels smooth after shaving
– 3 adjustment trimmer for a neater trim
– do not need to use shaving gel

– you need to shave frequently, just like other shavers, in about 3 to 4 days

I would definitely recommend this product to other girls (those who are not a fan of waxing). Quattro for Women is easy to use and its compact design is convenient if you are always on the go. I brought it when I was on my road trips. With this shaver, I hardly get cuts on my skin and my skin feels smooth after shaving. This is definitely a keep in my bathroom.

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