The Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout

The Tracy Anderson Mat Workout: a Celebrity-Worthy Workout for Everyday Women

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The Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout
The Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout

Written by: Yü Linlin Huang

Most women have had the experience trying to find an effective workout that works for their body type. Some are more fortunate than others, and have found their favorite way to keep fit. However, countless women have given up on that journey. For those who have given up trying to find an effective and enjoyable workout, try the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout. If you can stick to it for at least a week (like I did), I can assure you that the results will not be disappointing.

The Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout aims to 1) re-engineer your muscular structure, 2) wake up accessory muscles, 3)pull in larger muscles, and 4) shift your body shape into something you’ve never expected. As a exercise-enthusiast, I have been trying out different workouts since I was 15-years old, yet it isn’t until three years ago that I discovered the Tracy Anderson Method and tried out her Mat Workout. This workout is made up of eight short exercise clips, a total of sixty minutes of workout material to tone the legs, abs, arms, and butt. After the first time following through with Tracy Anderson’s Mat Workout, I was noticeably sore, even though I run three to four miles daily. After a week, I did notice a difference in the definition of my arm muscles. I didn’t notice any change in my leg, butt, or ab muscles until almost three weeks later, however, since I run everyday. I have found the Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout an effective supplement to my usual cardio workout. Since I have used the Mat Workout, I have developed slim muscles on the arms and thighs, as well as lines on my stomach.

I would recommend the Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout to those who already follow a cardio workout, such as swimming or running, and to those who are willing to spend at least an hour, five out of seven days of the week on exercise. The intensity of this workout video can be intimidating to those who are mentally weak and are not suited to those who are not willing to work through a tough workout. An alternative to the Tracy Anderson Mat Workout, though more expensive, is to attend yoga sessions because Tracy Anderson incorporates the idea behind many yoga poses into the Mat Workout.

Tracy Anderson the developer of the Mat Workout has also developed several other workouts under the Tracy Anderson Method. These include workouts for pregnant women and for those who love to dance. Tracy Anderson is the personal trainer for Jennifer Lopez, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Madonna. Their testimonies about the Tracy Anderson Method can be found on Tracy Anderson’s website. The Tracy Anderson Method has been featured in Cosmopolitan, People Magazine, and several other national women’s magazines.

My experiences with the Tracy Anderson Method: Mat Workout has proven the workout to be very effective. However, this workout is not for someone who is not willing to put the effort and time into getting into shape. I found that the Mat Workout is especially effective with a cardio supplement. I have been doing the Mat Workout in combination with a cardio supplement for the past three years, and I have experienced great results.

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