X-Out Acne Wash-In Treatment Review

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If you’ve ever dealt with stubborn acne, from blemishes to blackheads, you know the    feeling of hopelessness that can come with having a not-so-clear face. The makers of Proactiv Solution, America’s #1 Acne Treatment System, have released a brand-new, even more powerful acne solution that promises to banish acne flare-ups for good. X-Out Acne Wash-in Treatment is a powerful, refreshing and innovative way to clear up your skin and give you the confidence you deserve. Overall, this product is well worth the price for clear skin that you will be proud to show off.

According to the manufacturers website, X-Out promises clear skin with just twice-a-day use. But why is it different than any other acne treatment on the market today? The product itself can be used three ways: as a cleanser, an acne-spot treatment, or a powerful masque. With only one product to worry about (as opposed to Proactiv’s lengthy 3-Step Process), X-Out guarantees less time spent on your skin care routine both morning and night – perfect for someone with a busy schedule. The 8.5% Benzoyl Peroxide content packs a  powerful punch for those looking to kick their acne to the curb.

Two sizes are offered – a “30 day supply” or 2.5oz canister (very accurate, in my opinion, if used twice a day either as an all over cleanser or masque – both of which require a decent amount of product to cover the whole face)  and a “60 day supply” 5 oz canister. If ordered through the manufacturers website, both sizes come with a bonus X-Out Shine Control Moisturizer.

As a devoted user of X-Out Acne Wash-In Treatment for the past month and a half, I have seen a dramatic difference in my skin’s tone and texture. As someone prone to hormonal acne flare-ups, both cystic and smaller pimples, this product has cleared up nearly all of my blemishes and keeps my skin clean with only once-daily use. The connivence factor of only using one product that I know works well is incredibly satisfying: no more searching the shelves at the drugstore for more products to add to my skincare routine! In addition, having the option to use it as a spot-treatment when I feel a breakout coming on, or as an all-over masque to deep clean my pores is very impressive. When I began using the product, I saw results after the first use, and after the first week and a half, my skin was not only visibly clearer, but glowing. I stand here today, nearly two months later, acne free and already on my second bottle of X-Out.

For those with acne who suffer from multiple different kinds of blemishes, like cystic acne, smaller pimples and/or blackheads, this

is a must-have product. The three ways to use it combined with the amount of powerful Benzoyl Peroxide (8.5%) works to clear your skin in multiple ways. The pump-top style canister is easy to use and pumps out the right amount of product every time, which you can control by how hard you press down on the top – no mess, no fuss. The gentle exfoliation cleans deep to get rid of dirt, oil and dry skin flakes, revealing a fresh face that tingles from the cool, icy burst of the treatment.

While Proactiv Solution did not help to clear up my skin, X-Out Acne Wash-In Treatment did. For those who have thought of Proactiv as “too gentle” or even simply ineffective, X-Out may work much better for you. However, since Benzoyl Peroxide can be drying, I wouldn’t advise people with extra-dry or sensitive skin types to use it twice-a-day right away. Even with daily use, make sure to use a
good moisturizer that will hydrate your skin along with the product. And, as always with any acne-fighting products, sunscreen is a must!


  • Only one product to use as opposed to a multi-step skincare routine
  • Works three ways: as a twice-a-day cleanser, spot treatment, or all-over masque
  • Pump-style canister works well without making a mess
  • Cleans deep with a gentle exfoliation and a cool, thingly feeling
  • Leaves face soft and noticeably smoother
  • Controls oil and shine throughout the day if used in the morning
  • Bonus Shine Control Moisturizer with every purchase!


  • Cannot buy in-stores; only available online through manufacturer’s website or over the phone
  • Can be drying for some skin types, especially those with sensitive or dry skin

Overall, this product has been thoroughly impressive and I will continue to use X-Out nightly as my primary defense against acne. Is it a convenient and hassle-free way to deal with blemishes? Yes. Having only one product with multiple uses, combined with the easy pump-top style of the bottle make my skincare routine a breeze. Is X-Out Acne Wash-In Treatment a good value? Yes, especially with the free shipping offered through the “Subscribe and Save” option. Will it clear up your skin with continued use: Yes! Struggling with stubborn and constant acne is never fun or easy – but using X-Out Acne Wash-In Treatment is. Why not give it a try?

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