Broom and Mop: Proctor and Gamble 30942 Swiffer X-Large Starter Kit

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"X-Large Swiffer Set"
Swiffer Wet and Dry Set

I remember as a child when my mother would use her yarn dust broom to clean our hardware floors in our house, and then after she was done she would go outside and shake out all the dust and then ask me to go fill the bucket up with warm water and such so she could then mop.  This was something I never wanted to do, and now that I am an adult when I’m cleaning my house I like to get it done as fast as possible and I really don’t have time to get a broom out and then get a bucket and the mop out to clean the floors. By owning the Procter 7 gamble #30942 Swifter X-Large starter kit I now have my mop and broom all in one.

What the sweeper does is locks in and traps dirt from any surface throughout your home.  The dry cloths that you use on the sweeper picks up 50% of more hair, dirt, and dust than your standard broom, and the wet mop cloths dissolves grime and dirt more than your average mop.  In the X-Large kit which I have you get the sweeper, six dry cloths, four wet cloths, and as an added bonus a Swiffer duster which is a handheld duster that has disposable cloths that work well for all of your dusting needs.

The Swiffer sweeper has a flexible swivel head, and since I have the X-large set, the Swiffer itself and the cloths are twice the size of the regular ones which is great because than I can do twice the cleaning in half the time.  The disposable wet cloths because they are pre-soaked with an advanced cleaning solution dries rather quickly and leaves no streaks. First you sweep your floors to remove all dirt, hair, dust, etc with the dry cloths and then you use the wet cloths to clean tough soiled and dried messes that you may have.

I find my Swiffer to be great for cleaning my tiled floors in my kitchen and bathroom, and for reaching high shelves as well as on my baseboards.  What you can also do sometimes if you do not want to use the Swiffer itself you can just you the dry  wet cloths on their own.  The wet ones are great for areas like the tub, and around the toilet.  The dry ones can be used for the top of the refrigerator, the dinning room table, and cabinets.  On the show “Trading Spaces” the team says they always clean up with the Swiffer Wet & Dry kit.

What I love about the products is that its very easy to assemble.  I for one do not put things together well and I was able to do this in a blink of an eye without using directions.  Its also  light weight and durable, and It does a great job at picking up dust and pet hair around the house. It’s also great for around toddler seat areas and high chairs, as well as small spills.  The cloths are very soft and  it’s great that there is no odor.   Some downsides to the Swiffer is that  refill cloths can be a bit costly, but its very easy to find coupons that will help bring the cost down.  Also if you are of a taller stature  you may not like the Swiffer because the actual broom/mop handle is not fairly long.
You can buy the smaller version of the starter kit which will cost about the same as the X-large kit so it would basically be a waste.  Also if you just wanted to use the Swiffer for more of a mop you could buy the Swiffer Wet jet Starter kit, but it will run you a little more in price than the wet/dry sets.   There are no other products on the market that have the broom/mop combination, but Clorox does have a  ready mop where you can use any cleanser you like, and Bissell also  sells a spray mop that duals as a vacuum.  The Clorox mop is cheaper than just getting a Swiffer wet mop, but the Bissell product will cost you a pretty penny.  So the WetJet Starter kit is the one to choose because of it’s low cost and you are getting both broom and all in one.

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