Fisher price laugh and learn tea pot

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Tea Set N7121

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Written By: Judah Quintana

The tea set is the quintessential plaything of a little girl. Dressing up as fairies and princesses drinking imaginary tea from plastic cups. Whatever you do, don’t forget to keep your pinky up! This is a stage in life that parents can look forward to, as well as toy companies. So when it comes time to buy your child her first tea set, the options can be overwhelming. Might I suggest a familiar brand that has thought of a clever twist for this traditional toy? The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set, is a smiling, laughing, and all around educational tea set for toddlers, that will ensure your little princess is the toast of the party.

Fisher price laugh and learn tea pot
Fisher price laugh and learn tea pot

The tea set’s center piece, is a smiling pink tea-pot, with three different modes of interactive entertainment. Learning mode, which encourages counting and understanding opposites, as well as teaching her to use “Please” and “Thank You”. Music mode is for sing-alongs or just something for your little baby to dance to. Finally there’s Imagination mode, with pouring and bubbling over sfx. The tea-pot requires two AA batteries, and just in case you were worried, there is a volume control near the three different settings.

The tea set also comes with three teatime treats shaped as a circle, square, and triangle. Each fits into its own matching section on the serving plate, which helps teach your child problem solving and shape sorting. It also contains two smiling plastic cups (not for real water).

Now, this tea set is not really meant to pour tea. It is purely a role playing tea set, meant to spark imagination, and is not meant for real tea parties. There have also been a few instances where the they break in the first month, and not even a new pair of batteries can fix it. Though you can contact the manufacturer, and they will take the broken one off your hands, and send you a new one.

• Helps child learn through everyday experience
• Helps introduce numbers shapes and opposites in early role-play format
• Enhances language skills with greetings and sing-along songs
• Encourages sharing and good manners
• Is a talking toy
• Volume control

• Is not meant for real tea
• Is a talking toy

So in conclusion,the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Tea Set, is a well rounded toy. It’s educational, entertaining, and can be quiet if need be. Its very popular, with minimal bad reviews on amazon and So when it comes to that moment, and you’re out looking for that first magical tea set, why not make it a talking one?

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