Image of two glasses made from recycled windshields

From Taxi-Cab to Cab-Syrah: Recycled Windshield Wine Glasses

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Just the other night, I was sitting out on the deck by the fire drinking a glass of wine. I set it down by my chair to put another log on the flame, when my German Shepherd rushed by, spilling my wine, and breaking the glass. This was not the first time. Frustrated, I went out in search of alternatives. As you know, it can sometimes be difficult to find the line between being practical, ecologically smart, and fashionably chic. However, the folks over at Uncommon Goods, have struck the perfect balance with Recycled Auto Glass- Wine Glasses.

These unique auto glass wine glasses are:

Image of two glasses made from recycled windshields
Recycled Auto Glass- Wine Glasses

• made entirely out of glass from discarded windshields

• dishwasher safe

• hand made

• have a distinctive greenish tint

The stemless design of this glassware makes them sturdy, and the thick windshield glass lends them  additional strength, so you’ll never have to worry about breaking a glass in the midst of a vehement toast, or in my case, a doggie drive-by. The greenish tint not only adds a unique flair to these wine glasses, but can be attributed to the windshields—the color was originally added to help fend off the sun’s glare while driving.  Plus, they are dishwasher safe which means that clean up is easy. These windshield wine glasses are ideal if you’re tired of breaking dainty crystal or hand-washing glasses that are too delicate to withstand a dishwashing cycle. They will also make a wonderful gift for the car enthusiast in your family.

However, these glasses do tend to be on the heavy side and are rather large. As such, they may not be a perfect fit if you have small or weak hands. Additionally, because each is hand-blown individually, the individual glasses exhibit minor imperfections, and each pair may not be completely uniform in size. offers a wide selection of recycled glassware, and you’re sure to find something that will suit any hand and pass the eye of even the most astute perfectionist.

With a price of $28 for a set of two, the Recycled Auto Glass Wine Glasses are not only chic, but affordable. They are not only ecologically smart, but because these glasses are practically indestructible, you won’t be throwing your money away on a glass that’s too delicate to withstand even minor accidents.

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