Ibanez AEF Acoustic Guitar

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Written by: David Whitehouse

Ibanez AEF Acoustic Guitar


Ibanez AEF Acoustic Guitar

Who hasn’t at some point wanted to be famous by being in a band?  Well, in order to live out that dream, you need to get an instrument, and if guitar is your fancy then the Ibanez AEF Acoustic Guitar is the one for you.  This elegantly designed acoustic guitar by Ibanez also has quarter-inch cable plug-ins so that you can turn it into an electric guitar or put effects on it if you wish: this is the all in one package deal.


Of course, the first thing that anyone notices about a product is the price.  I’ll be the first to admit, when I was looking for a guitar, I was astonished at the price range, and quite frankly it can get a little overwhelming.  But Ibanez has come out with a great guitar for the money, the Ibanez AEF Acoustic Guitar.  Depending on what you are looking for, this guitar ranges from $300-600: and that isn’t bad for a quality product that will last for years.


What the Ibanez AEF Acouistic Guitar offers with this guitar is the versatility to use it both as an acoustic guitar, or plug it in and amplify it for larger sound or to add some effects to turn it into an electric guitar.  With a built-in pre-amplifier, the guitar is able to adjust the highs and the lows right there on the guitar, while also being able to be tuned with the built-in tuner as well.

Design and Materials

With so many different options to choose from, the Ibanez AEF Acoustic Guitar comes in several different finishes: transparent (natural wood). blue, purple, green, and sunburst.  These finishing options compliment the Mahogany wood that Ibanez chose to make this guitar.  Another feature that adds elegance and grace to the product is the Mother of Pearl inlays along the fret board and on other parts of the guitar, that add a little more flavor and touch to an already great product.


  • Price reasonable compared to other brands with similar amenities
  • Crisp and clear sound
  • Variety of finishes allow for customization according to preference


  • Electronic tuner power button often gets turned on accidentally, resulting in a drained battery
  • Finish smudges easily when touched


The Ibanez AEF Acoustic Guitar is a great product that can suit your every guitar playing needs.  With the built in pre-amplifier and tuner, elegant colors, and crisp sound, this guitar is not only affordable, it is a bargain for the price!

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