The Darkfin webbed glove shown in a variety of hand positions

Black Lagoon Darkfin Webbed Gloves Review

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Written by: Anna Preston

Have you ever wanted to be like Aquaman, gliding through the water with superhuman speed and maneuverability? Well, you won’t get underwater breathing or the ability to telepathically communicate with fish, but with Black Lagoon’s Darkfin Gloves you will achieve far greater propulsion and mobility, without having to sacrifice dexterity and comfort.

The Darkfin webbed glove shown in a variety of hand positions
Black Lagoon's Darkfin webbed glove offers enhanced water propulsion at no cost to comfort and dexterity.


  • 3-dimensional surface creates high volume resistance
  • Webbing increases surface area of your hand by up to 70%
  • Cotton flocked surface enables firm grip
  • Form-fitting cuff for comfort and ease of wear
  • Rear web design pockets more water and leaves fingers free to use
  • Seamless, glue-less design for durability
  • Rear expansion chamber for wrist mobility
  • Contoured to allow hands to rest in a natural, comfortable position
  • The only webbed glove made from natural, biodegradable latex rubber

About Darkfin Gloves:

Black Lagoon claims that Darkfin gloves will benefit surfers, sky divers, scuba divers, and swimmers alike. The webbed gloves can increase swimmers’ horsepower by as much as 70%, enhance sky divers’ air maneuverability, and increase scuba divers’ control and maneuverability underwater. Not many people have taken to the air with them yet, but Darkfin gloves have attracted a lot of surfers and scuba divers skeptical of their usability but intrigued by the unique design. Most webbed gloves are somewhat stiff and inhibiting, ultimately not worth the trouble of trying to use them. But users of Darkfin gloves report no problem tying surf shorts and bikinis, attaching and adjusting a surfboard leash, clipping items and adjusting straps, opening zippers or using a flashlight. Add that to the fact that they really do work, and it seems we finally have a webbed glove product that is actually worth buying!


  • Increased propulsion moving through water
  • Excellent finger and hand dexterity, mobility, and overall ease of movement
  • Builds upper body strength
  • Makes treading water easier
  • Lightweight rubber doesn’t carry water
  • Easy to care for
  • Great for swimmers and divers with disabilities that limit maneuverability
  • Will make you feel like a superhero


  • May not be adequate for cold water use
  • May encourage bad form by swimming with spread fingers—however you can always close your fingers and paddle normally while wearing them
  • May be difficult to make certain hand signals
  • Greater propulsion does come at a cost: higher exertion and energy expenditure—using these with fingers spread will wear you out fast!
Aquaman gliding swiftly through the water
Aquaman doesn't need webbed gloves to swim like a superhero, but we do.

Darkfin gloves come in 12 sizes, ensuring that you will have a glove that fits. There are other webbed glove products on the market, such as the Speedo Aqua Fit Training Swim Gloves and the Aqua Jogger AP57 Web Pro Glove, but none are very similar to the Darkfin gloves with their seamless, ultra-flexible design of natural latex rubber.

The manufacturer claims that Darkfin is the best webbed glove in the world, and they just might be right. At $24.95, they cost a little more than other webbed gloves, but for the vastly increased comfort and usability they offer, this is a modest price to pay. If you spend a lot of time in the water and want something to give you a little (or a lot) extra boost… Really, how could you resist?

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