Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack 61569 Review

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Written by: Erin Marty

If you love to hike, backpack, or bike, and you’re constantly stopping to scrounge around for your water bottle, you may want to check out the Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack 61569. This is an excellent backpack to bring on long hikes or biking trips, as it keeps you hydrated without the hassle of stopping to quench your thirst.


70 ounce Antidote Reservoir: Included with the pack is a 70 ounce Antidote Reservoir, so you’re provided with 2 liters of water. You definitely won’t go thirsty as the reservoir is equipped with a quick-seal cap, a light fillport, and a PureFlow tube with easy access to drink from.

Air director back panel, air mesh harness, 1 inch detachable belt: This is the perfect combination of backpack attributes to lend a helping hand in supporting the bulk of your load. You can also choose to detach the 1 inch waist belt if you feel you don’t need it, or keep it for extra support.

Full-face helmet carry and compression storage: The perfect bag for bikers, the Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack is compatible with full-face helmets and comes with compression storage for your body armor.

488 cubic inches of luggage space: There is a bunch of available space just for your stuff — 488 cubic inches, in fact. The bag is designed to store any belongings you may want to have on-the-go. Objects such as pumps, goggles, supplies, and snacks can all be carried in the pack’s pockets for safe storage. There is even a stash pocket, and for music lovers a pocket for your MP3 player.

CamelBak Got Your Bak Guarantee: If something happens to your pack, don’t freak out; you’re backed up by a CamelBak lifetime guarantee.

The Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack is truly a wonderful bag in that keeps you hydrated on long trips. It’s definitely something that hikers, bikers and backpackers should look into. But if you’re not always on-the-go, or just looking for an average backpack, you may want to save your money and check out packs that are a little less extravagant.


  • Holds lots of water
  • Easy to refill water
  • Storage space is great


  • Somewhat heavy
  • White packs may get dirtier quicker
Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack 61569
The Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack 61569 holds 2 liters of water to keep you hydrated without hassle.

When using this backpack, you have 2 liters worth of water at your dispense without having to stop for a drink. Refilling the pouch is virtually effortless; just detach it from the pack and pour the water in. You’ll also be amazed by all the cargo room; if you were to look at the remaining space as water, you get 8 liters of luggage space. Remember, there are plenty of pockets for storing gear in.

Do keep in mind that though the pack may not be the heaviest bag, it’s not the lightest either. Also, if you’re going to purchase a white pack, it’s pretty much inevitable that it will get dirty rather easily.

The original Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack 61569 comes in a stunning black, but you can always check out the Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack 61571 in white, or the Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack 61570 which sports a color combination of green and blue.

The Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack does what it promises: it provides you with water – and lots of it. It’s not just a backpack, but a bag that fights against dehydration without wasting your time to stop for a drink. If you’re always biking or hiking, and you have some money to spend – the pack usually goes for about $89.00 – then you’re going to want to look into getting one of these bad boys. High quality, and a large amount of water and cargo space make the Camelbak Consigliere 70 oz Hydration Pack 61569 definitely worth its price.

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