two floral designed Gnu B-nice women's snowboards

GNU B-Nice BTX Women’s Snowboard

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By Adrienna Ogin

  • GNU
  • B-Nice Series BTX
  • All terrain, freestyle; sizes: 145, 148, 151, 154; 4 choices of graphics
  • Snowboard
  • 12115

A woman on a snowboard A good board can make a huge difference in a days ride. If you are a pro you already know this and can feel out if a board is the right fit for you, but if you are a novice or a beginner the hunt for the right board can be daunting.

The Gnu B-Nice BTX is an all terrain freestyle board, meaning that you can ride it from powder, to ice, to park. It has Banana technology and Magne-Traction, and comes in four choices of graphics (2 floral patterns and 2 geometric) and directional twin-shape.

two floral designed Gnu B-nice women's snowboards
Gnu B-Nice BTX 2011

What does all this mean to you as a rider? The first things to focus on are the Banana technology and Magne-traction. Banana tech is a newer snowboard technology also called reverse camber or rocker (think of a rocking chair) the base of the board curves towards the ground. Gnu specifically centered the banana traction between your feet this rock gives your board a pop which is great for initiating turns. Plus it has seven contact points as opposed to the usual two contact points offering you better control and easier riding.

The Magne-traction is about the edges of your board. It has full tip to tail edge contact with serrated edges that gives your edge a better hold, which helps with slipping, loosing or catching your edge. This board is designed to give you better turning capabilities and contact so you can actually feel the board working with you from your feet up. Plus the reverse camber is great for getting your nose up for a nice powder run. The directional twin shape is great for riding switch, free riding, and jibbing and with the super edge contact and easy turning it should be fun for tricks. Plus it’s made specifically for us gals.

Two Gnu B-Nice floral print snowboards
Gnu-B-Nice board won GoodWood award

I’m a bit skeptical about taking this all terrain board into the pipe, also bombing down the mountain may not be advisable since the rocker wasn’t designed for high speed carving. Also, if you are used to riding a camber board then it may feel uncomfortable switching to the reverse camber especially when flat basing where you may really feel the difference between the two.

A snowcover mountain in Austria
A mouth watering Mountain to ride in Austria

Even so, I think the Gnu B-Nice BTX would be a great board. I especially think it would be a good choice for a beginner. Anything that keeps its edge and creates easier turning is great for building confidence in a new rider, and helps to keep you out in the snow. This board can take you well into intermediate level. If you already are an expert rider but love jibbing and freestyle I think this board would be down right fun to ride especially with that pop, but if you’re looking for something to ride in the pipe I’d check out the Gnu Park Pickle, also a board made for women snowboarders.

It’s $399.00, which is a fairly average price for a board, but if you shop around you could find it for less. I don’t think you could go wrong with Gnu’s Be-Nice BTX, and for awesome days on the mountain and long buttery rides, it’s well worth the price.

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