Lululemon Hot "N Sweaty short back view.

Lululemon Hot ‘N Sweaty Short

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Written by Leslie Foss

Lululemon Hot "N Sweaty short back view.
Back view.
Front view.
Front view.

As a hot yoga enthusiast, you look for clothes that will keep you comfortable while you twist and dive into your postures, but you want them to look good at the same time.  The Hot ‘N Sweaty Short is Lululemon’s answer to your hot yoga needs.  For starters, they’re made of Power Luxtreme, a silky smooth fabric for breathability during sweaty workouts.  This wonder fabric also has four-way stretching for total freedom of movement, and can be machine washed and dried.  Cinchable drawcords give you a ruched look in the front for some style and let you create a perfect fit.

You will also appreciate the chafe-resistant seams along the sides, and the flat waistband that doesn’t dig in.  The company also promises no undesirable definition in the crotch area, so the only camel you’ll display is your impressive backward bend.  It comes in numbered sizes from 2 to 10, assuring you’ll find a size to hug your hips. It comes in two colors: the black will go with almost any top, or choose charcoal/persian purple for a little color at the waist.

Although I have not tried this model of short, I’ve tried other Lululemon shorts, and love the long wear, the stay-in-place reliability, and the flattering shape.  This company is known for high quality and great fit in their yoga clothes, and I agree that their high-end shorts do not disappoint.

I don’t recommend these shorts if you want to cover up more, though.  These are SHORT shorts, and if you don’t want to show off your legs from the high thighs down, you’d probably be more comfortable in longer shorts, capris or a pant.  They are also pricey at $48.00.

Here’s a quick rundown of the pros and cons:


  • Breathable
  • Adjustable, good looking fit
  • Multiple sizes to choose from
  • Comfortable seams and waistband
  • Modest where it counts
  • Company has a reputation for quality
  • Body-conscious
  • Price
With so many yoga brands and clothing out there, it’s hard to choose what will work for you.  You might want to try this Lululemon Hot ‘N Sweaty short, despite the high price.  Some customers swear by their Lululemon and claim they last a long time.  Others are not ready to pay premium for something they will sweat in.  If you are just starting out in hot yoga, I suggest trying it on in the store to see if you like the look.  Don’t be surprised if you do–the stretchy fabric and great construction flatters many body types.
I find that most women settle on an outfit they like, and it becomes part of their hot yoga routine.  Outfits range from lots of skin, to very little.  Ultimately, being comfortable and confident in your yoga clothes is what matters most.  Then you are not distracted, and when you look in the mirror to check your alignment you feel great about your hard-working self.  The Hot ‘N Sweaty promises to be a reliable short for your hot ‘n sweaty body.


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