TURTLE fins; strong, sturdy and not so slow.

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Written by: David Alan Morrison

When I first saw the price tag of over $100 for a set of fins, my first thought was ‘No Way!’. Three years later, I was turned onto the Turtles by a SCUBA instructor friend who swore by them. After using the Turtles by XS Scuba (www.xsscuba.com) I can’t stand diving without them.

Black Turtle fins by XS Scuba
The tried and true Turtle – virtually a classic

While split fins and open heel fins are nicely designed, nothing can beat the track record and history of (what a dive buddy of mine calls) the ‘grandaddy’ of fins. The vents along the top help alleviate the pressure on your leg muscles, while giving you the power you need per kick. With these babies, I can cover twice the distance that I can with my split fins. The sturdy rubber limits kickback while allowing enough snap back to keep you moving at depth.

If you dive drysuit, the Turtles are one of the best bets going. The sizes of L / XL / XXL provide plenty of pocket for your dry suit boot – regardless of how big your foot is (or even a rock boot). With a spring strap, you will not only gain durability of fin, but also ease of donning an otherwise problematic piece of equipment.

Some of the benefits of the Turtles:

* Reliability – these have been manufactured for decades

* Sturdy – these can be purchased in rubber; known for it’s longevity

* Responsive – get more power behind every kick; aids in speed at depth

* Popularity – aids in purchasing of compatible accessories.

* Made in the U.S.A.

Some of the cons of the Turtles:

* A bit hefty – combined, they weigh approximately 7 pounds

* Pricey – a new pair is going to run over $100

* Sizing – they don’t run small. If you have a small frame, or need a smaller size, the Turtles may need an adjustment. Also, people have been known to complain that the width of the fin feels 1/2 size too small.

Overall value, however, far out weighs the cons. For those drysuit divers, this is a hard fin to beat. For tropical divers (or even cold water wetsuit divers!) you still get the power you want, durability you desire and quality you expect. All this with little – or no – stress on your leg muscles.

The Turtles shown above:

Turtle scuba fins by XS Scuba.

Rubber / available in black only

Approximately 7 pounds (combined)

Item #B004NX9934

Spring Straps
Spring Straps greatly improve ease and comfort
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