Droid Incredible 2 by HTC

Droid Incredible 2 by HTC – Droid Phones Just Keep Getting Better

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Written by: Stevanie Medearis

Everyone these days has a smart phone. They are pretty much a necessity to life. The decision has developed from “Do I want a smart phone” to “Which one should I buy?”

I have found the answer for you: The Droid Incredible 2 by HTC.

This “phone” is not just a phone. It’s a computer, a global communications device, a crisp camera, a GPS system, a calendar, a game portal. This. Phone. Does. Everything.

Droid Incredible 2 by HTC
Droid Incredible 2 by HTC

With an easily accessible hyper-sensitive touch screen, making phone calls, texting, surfing the internet, and so much more is now simpler than ever! The Droid Incredible 2 by HTC has the ability to make its keyboard larger by turning the phone sideways, allowing for more space to type with your fingers. When searching the internet, you are able to enlarge the screen by dragging your fingers outward in a diagonal motion –this allows for better viewing. The Droid Incredible 2 by HTC comes with dual cameras, making it Skype ready! You can also take pictures of you and your friends easier with the ability to see the picture on the screen before taking it.

In addition to the multitude of advantages of owning this phone, The Droid Incredible 2 by HTC is part of the Android Market –which offers over 150,000 apps. The great thing about the Android Market is that there are far more free apps than there are in the Apple App Store.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to all the free apps you can browse through once you take your Droid Incredible 2 home with you, the phone will already have a ton of useful apps downloaded on it. My favorite app of all is the Navigation app. I no longer have to use my old, bulky GPS system that was taking up space in my car, now I can use my navigation app on my Droid Incredible 2 by HTC. The app, along with many other functions on the phone, is voice activated. This means I can simply say “Lloyd Center Portland, Oregon” and it will direct me to that mall with voice instructions, as well as a map display.

The only disadvantages I have come across while using this phone, is that sometimes the updates ruin the apps until a new update comes along to fix the problems. This is true with apps in the Apple App Store too, but it seems to be more prominent in the Android Market. The good thing is that the Android Market encourages users to submit reviews of their apps so that they can fix current problems and improve overall performance. This phone’s battery life is not very long, so a car charger is a must-have. Also, this phone (like most, if not all smart phones) requires a data plan –so if spending an extra $30 a month is not in your budget, I’d recommend not purchasing a smart phone.

Need to check your e-mail on-the-go? Afraid of losing your phone contacts? Need a dependable calendar you will never lose? The Droid Incredible 2 by HTC backs up all of this information with your Gmail account. Worry no more, as this phone will make sure all your data is saved.

With The Droid Incredible 2 by HTC, you can take immaculate pictures with its 8 megapixel camera, and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, or other social networks with a simple tap on the screen. You can upload videos with just a simple tap too!

Studying abroad? Visiting far away family? This phone is global-ready, meaning you can take it out of the country and it is ready to go. Supporting 18 languages, and stuffed with a 16GB SD card, this phone is everything you could ever want.

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