Gear Head MP2275RED Mouse

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Written by Sean Garrett

With keyboards, mice, speakers, and printer cords, computer workspaces can become cluttered easily. Wireless mice offer all the capability of old fashion ones but without the hassle of added cords.

The Gear Head 2.4 GHz Wireless Optical Nano Mouse offers such a convenience  promising easy connectivity, and a strong wireless connection that will work up to 30 ft. away. The mouse includes an optical sensor to provide accuracy, a built-in scroll wheel, and a rubber top. The 2.4 GHz Wireless Nano receiver is a small piece that is put in the USB port.

The appeal of this mouse is low cost with uncompromising quality.  I was also attracted to the fact that it advertises simple connection, and compatibility with both windows and Mac systems. I was pleased to find this the case. The drivers quickly and painlessly installed, and the mouse was ready to go. And now, as I run bootcamp and switch between Mac OS X and Windows XP, it works seamlessly.

From my own use, this mouse works wonderfully. For a mouse whose cost is on the low end of wireless mice you might expect some problems. The signal is strong, and the cursor does not skip, even when used on some wood or fabric surfaces. On a downside the MP2275RED takes triple A batteries, but they will last you awhile. The mouse sensor is always off unless hooked up to a powered computer, to help you so you don’t accidentally drain the batteries by leaving it on.   Additionally there have been issues with it being unreliable (breaking and failing easily).

As mice go this is not the most comfortable one out there. The rubber on top is thin and serves more as a grip than a cushion. In addition the mouse is actually fairly small, so if you are looking for something larger to support your hand you would better off with something else.

If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars some of the wireless Logitech models might be a better buy. For example the M305 has generally better costumer reviews, while having the same types of features.

The MP2275RED mouse by Gear Head costs about $14.50 depending on where you look, and works for Mac OS 10.3 and up, and Windows 2000, XP, 7, and Vista.  With this mouse what you see is what you get. It is fairly comfortable and reliable, the sensor works great, and it is perfectly responsive for just surfing the web, or playing games, but don’t be too surprised if you start to have technical problems with it.

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